The price of ground beef is up 400% and in limited supply. Steaks have tripled and also in very limited supply. I have turned off the ability to order double patties as I do need to ration the little beef we have left. I'm told by my supplier to not expect beef to be available for 2 more weeks. I have to adjust the prices of hamburgers. I have also turned off 12oz steaks. What steak we have left, we cut into 8oz portions. I have one prime rib, it will be first come, first serve. Preorders available now.

Across the board, prices are up between 10 to 25%, but most other things have still been available. We did not raise the price of chicken, egg dishes, salads, etc. We are just eating those extra costs, but I just couldn't do that for burgers especially since Sysco didn't delivery ground beef this week. Might get it tomorrow from our other vendor??? If we don't, we will just be out of stock.

We are open for Dine in!!! However, if you are still weary of going out in public, take out is still available and we are keeping the area for take out clear of our dine in customers.

All customers must wear a face covering while entering the restaurant and when moving around. You do not need to wear them when eating or drinking. If you would like a bag to store your mask, please let your server know.

Customers can still order online whether they are already here or in advance of arriving. A great option for those in a hurry!

Please maintain social distancing of 6 feet and wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

To help keep everyone safe, we have implemented enhanced cleaning and sanitizing. 

We are only using half of our booths and only 4 of the tables in the banquet room. We closed off the counters completely as they aren't not 6 feet from the booths or 6 feet from the servers' area. This has reduced our capacity by over one half. Please be mindful of our decreased capacity and limit your stays to eating your meal. Please do not conduct business here or use our tables as an office. 

If your party is larger than 6, please make a reservation by calling us at 831-637-1529. We only have 2 tables big enough for 7 to 10. We can not accommodate parties of over 14 and parties over 8 may be split between 2 or more tables. 

Unfortunately, there are food supply chain shortages right now. Beef in particular is in short supply and has tripled in price. I was unable to get New York today so when we run out that is it. I have enough ribeye for this week's Prime Rib, but I suggest preordering as I don't have unlimited roasts to make.

Thank you for ordering and thank you for helping keep all of us safe!!!



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